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cosmetics retail business 

​[the complete guide]

Start your Beauty Business with confidence​ and clarity. ​You now have all it takes to build your business into a lucrative enterprise

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cosmetics retail business

[THe complete beginner’s guide]

​Start your beauty business- leveraging the Retail model. 

  • ​Learn how to start…
  • ​Choosing your niche…
  • ​what products to stock… How TO ATTRACT LOYAL CUSTOMERS AND KEEP THEM…where the most money is…

But what ​happen next​?

Immediately after you ​got your ​first nudge, Inspiration or an Idea to start a beauty business…?


​You may not be aware… The beauty industry is really BIG. With very huge potential to succeed as a beauty business owner.


But you should be weary of this… There are lots of  ‘hushed trade secrets’ amongst the individual players in the marketplace. You only know what they let you on!


​As a newbie in the business, you are consistently faced with the choice of the niche to focus, how to make sales, Your marketing strategy on how your products become accessible to those that desperately need your offer, competition, over-saturation of ‘wannabes’/copy cats, amongst other challenges.


Like… How do you stock the right products that are fast selling? Where to find cosmetics suppliers? How to find wholesalers to buy from directly, for better profit margin?


How do you actually begin a retail beauty business?

​Nothing to fear when starting from SCRATCH​


  • ​By providing beauty remedy(solutions) that generate for you revenue on a recurring basis
  • Engage in a lucrative consumer market
  • Take advantage of the insatiable demand for personal care products
  • Gain the THREE most important knowledge – A must for a beginner!
  • Master the skill to sell ‘the one thing
  • Build trust and a fair brand value ( A.K.A perception marketing) for your business.
  • And turnover your investment!

Sounds fantastic​ right?But don’t just take my word for it yet…

The cosmetics or beauty products industry, globally, is one sector which remains impervious to the ups and downs.

This is because of continuing and growing usage of products by women, and increasingly by men across the world.

Orbis Research-

Ride on the desire [of Men and women] to look good​, All year round… 

Here is a little secret you might already know…

​Beauty service  and personal care products, regardless of age, gender, and social-strata, are always a continuous trend. That will always create the demand and the desire for a better or more superior solution.

This is a major factor contributing to the upward trend of growth, always recorded in the cosmetics market locally and globally.

​When you focus on providing solutions for the personal care needs of men, women and infants (within) your target market… You tap into an evergreen opportunity.

​This unarguably, can set your Cosmetics Retail business in a RECURRING profitable venture!

That said…

How Lucrative is cosmetics retailing? ​



Source: Amazon |Beauty Marketing Online

There is no doubt;

Cosmetics business is a stupendously lucrative market. ​​Beauty & Personal care Is A Stable and On-demand business


Only a few Beauty entrepreneurs (aspirants & business owners) tap into the opportunities and unlock the wealth.

This is my point…

When you perfect the skill to build your beauty business (Cosmetics-Retail-based)… You tap into the rapidly growing recession-proof beauty market. Your target customers depend on you in meeting their personal care needs actively.

Keep in mind that the cosmetics market is the second largest Fast Moving Commercial Goods (FMCG) after the Food and Beverage industry…


|Adroit ma​​​​​rket research


What this implies:


The cosmetic products industry is one sector that remained unaffected despite fluctuations in the economy. One can count on the sales of cosmetics to maintain a certain volume overall.

It also reflects this in the upward trend of the Africa market (especially in Nigeria).

The Nigeria cosmetics market has been enjoying the huge boom regardless of the economy because of increased interest among young consumers, urban and feminine with high demands for products that have higher added value.

And in several categories, including oral care, skin care, hair care, baby care and makeup.

There is no best time, other than now, to explore the gold mine in the cosmetics beauty industry.

​the beginner’s frustrations

For a beginner with interest to build a cosmetics retail business from scratch…There are lots of overwhelming anxiety that beg for a clearer practical guide.


​​Imagine investing your capital in your cosmetics startup…


And barely a few months into the business… you’re already overwhelmed and demotivated! I have been there… so I know.


Not for lack of products to stock or the required zeal to meet demands, but stressed out from:

  • The disappointment of poor sales turnout
  • Growing taxes 
  • Daily and monthly running expenses  (fuel bills, power company bills, outdoor signage tax, cleaner and security bill, assistant staff wages)  

And plenty MORE unpremeditated challenges that create a HUGE PAIN for a beauty business owner.


But can you efficiently manage all these…?




Take a look at these:


​Close attention to these agitations signify the need for real solutions.


Truth is, if you are a beginner…


you’ll need a guide


​To move your beauty business forward, in a step-by-step guide and in the right direction.

Check these…


In most cosmetics beauty-business startup scenarios, the lack of exposure to knowledge of what to expect at the initial startup stage is lacking. The reason most struggle. ​ -M. A

“The cosmetics industry is fast growing. Having a cosmetics business is truly promising. You just need to do your homework before starting one.”


– Marajolo Organics

How to kick-start your retail beauty business from scratch


  • First thing first Use 90-Days launch plan ROADMAP…  
  • Decide if a Cosmetics-based Beauty business is for you… Start with the questions, why and how… when you begin with why? You’ll have some clarities on the category that best interests you. You should first begin here.
  • Be above the unneeded confusion… know what to do first, the key trainings… Focus on the top priorities and stop ‘dilly dallying’. Get equipped with the knowledge of how to surmount your early startup challenges.
  • Launch your Cosmetics Retail business in I2 WEEKS… How long does it take to master how to start a cosmetics business profitably? Ideally, some think 6-months, while some also think a whole year… [90- Days] Launch Plan provides you with how to kick-start your cosmetics business quickly, step-by-step, bootstrapped with ease and a ZERO frustration .
  • Identify your AVATAR…We conducted a survey on active cosmetics and beauty business owners. The research showed that most cosmetics-based business owners are one or an overlap of two, of the six AVATARS. What is your avatar??
  • Determine the cosmetics category to focus…                                   There are a lot of opportunities in the [cosmetics] beauty market. This usually leads to the overwhelm of what exactly to sell? You’ll get to know what people will demand fast.
  • How and where to buy at a wholesale price​…     Sourcing wholesale prices from a manufacturer or a product distributor is a major goal of every cosmetics retailer. This will definitely be helpful to you too. Plan to save some cost and gain more profit.
  • Have the minimum startup budget … Will be utterly honest with you; This level of commitment comes with a steep cost… But it’s doable!   Sometimes, your show of unrelenting commitment to a distributing company’s products, your persuasion and trustworthiness get you the leverages/privileges. I will show you how to harness this in a bit.

Here’s ​what is inside the 

​90-day launch plan


​ You’ll discover​​​​​​…

  • 1​If a cosmetics retailing is for you: This is the first step… you will learn what to do, to start right… If you are at this stage.
  • 2Avatar relevance and the application: core strengths are very relevant when starting a cosmetics or any other aspects of beauty business. You’ll learn to identify your avatar.
  • 3Gain cosmetic sales & products knowledge: Does anyone need a training to sell ‘mere’ cosmetics? I answered this question upfront. You must get three training!
  • 4The retail model: You will learn how to use the retail model to your advantage. Understand directly what end-users buy and how to serve your market.
  • 5Handshake with your perfect niche: Who are you going to serve? What problems do they want solved? Understanding your target market will unravel this key aspect to you.
  • 6Business exists to sell “ONE THING”: What’s the one thing principle that should aid your MARKETING Approaches? You’ll discover the “one thing” and how to use it to sell out more and consistently.
  • 7Pricing your product: What price should you sell? How can you maximize wholesale deals to make your offer fairly priced?
  • 8How to buy cosmetics products at wholesale: Buying directly from a manufacturer is sometimes steep but with lots of huge benefits. Limited budget? no hassle… 90-days launch plan got you on this.
  • 9Become a Cosmetics key distributor: Manufacturers constantly seek credible business owners to partner with. You’ll be able to position yourself for this…
  • 10Startup fund: If you start out with no backup or support financially, how do you bootstrap on a very limited fund? You’ll learn how to use leverage.


Michael adewale

Creator of Cosmetics Retail Business

[90-Days Launch Plan]

About the Author?

Michael is an ingenious creative and sales expert.


With a laser-focused exposure into ​cosmetics retail and ​the service ​beauty business category.  Where he has had a vested interest since 1999, when he first had a hunch for a career in beauty business.

​Started out as a greenhorn- hair apprentice.


He currently holds the fort, actively, with top market-leading cosmetics distribution organizations. ​With distribution networks spread across the Africa markets, Europe and the Middle East.

Michael has a genuine commitment to helping beauty business grow to its full potential. He is sure not relenting on his mission to help build more successful beauty brands with an inspiring story.


Here’s “What You Get”

An E-book guide in a downloadablePDF format73 pages of quick learning, easy skimming and Practical ​guideIn a 9-5 job, and you’re pressed for time?​No problem… You can also implement the 90-Days Launch Plan Guide with a one – two hour (s) spare time devoted in a day… trust me, You can do this!It includes:ADITIONAL BONUSES

  • Cosmetics business owner persona– Your avatar knowledge and application.
  • The 90-days launch plan checklist
  • The 20-points focused lessonsThis is the main course section.
  • The cosmetics retail business startup ROADMAP– 12weeks [TO-DO] action plans.
  • Lifetime access to all future additions and updates
  • Major manufacturers and key wholesaler’s list you can buy from. (Value $65)
  • Major trade and beauty fair events directory in Nigeria.
  • Insider’s secret: How to buy cosmetics from the Lagos international trade fair complex, Lagos. (value $85)
  • Find your Direction– How to locate the trade fair international market, Ojo- Lagos. Nigeria
  • Personal Support: Michael will answer student questions. Guide is via email. Send in a question and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. (value $25 /month)

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be able to implement the 90-days Launch plan without being trained?

NO I don’t advise this. You will struggle a great deal!

The 90-Days Launch plan aims to make your cosmetics business launch easy, fast, and within 90days.

It prompts you to take three trainings.

That you could learn fast. Using the 90-Days rapid implementation approach.


Does the 90-days launch plan teach how to mix cream or give a cosmetics product formula?

No… The 90-Days launch plan doesn’t teach you product formulation.

The 90-days Launch plan focuses only on how to set up a Cosmetics retail business efficiently with zero stress.

It teaches you how to optimize cosmetic sales for a good return on investment, while at it.


How do I know what amount to pay?

Our payment system would only charge your card an equivalent of the cost of the product.

Nothing more.

The exchange rate of your bank would determine the rate that will be charged your card.


I want to have my cosmetics product line. Will your product teach me how to start?


Starting your own cosmetics line requires that you understand the basics of how the retail business works (first).

Product knowledge, sales, customer acquisition, and networking are vital in starting a cosmetics line.

Gaining the Cosmetics retail business’ nitty gritty is the best and only way to go to have a successful cosmetics line.


Is there a support system in case I need help to implement the 90-days launch plan?

Yes, you bet…there is.

You can request support by sending your questions directly via email or using the chat Button below.

We try to provide feedback within a 24-hour period.

This offer won’t be available at this price for a long time.

If you don’t jump on this opportunity, you will definitely miss out. ‘nough said!

Yes, I want to build my cosmetics retail business now!

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